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Please note that this page is written by enthusiasts without connection to any authority. This material is being kept for historical purposes only; is being updated as additional information is available. It may contain broken links.

                                                      Brazilian Northrop F-5E 4858 at Florianopolis on 16-08-05 with special colours, 58 years
14° Grupo de Aviaçao at Florianopolis on 16-08-05.
           Photo: Juliano Damasio - AIRFLN

The Northrop Freedom Fighters and Tigers are becoming an extinguishig specy. It is therefore that this site wishes to provide an in-depth view of the Northrop F-5 in its various versions operated by all Air Forces and
civilian organisations, mainly from the historian point of view. Thousands of additional photos of the aircraft are available in the Internet!

Very few technical details are included. Information comes from official and, mainly, non-official sources.
Local/USA serials/construction numbers of aircrafts operated by the various Air Forces and their Units are shown.
See the "Page Information" for further explanation of details, use of all Air Forces is also included.
Additional information of each unit operation are given, inclusive pictures and Squadron badges; information, where available, is added as soon as available. Please visit the site regurarely.
Data written in blue are subject to confirmation. Date of latest updates are written in green.

Limited photo credit is given to the respective authors (only where known, as original medium was unreadable after virus attack). Please advice the site master if you are the author of an unknown one and this will promptly
inserted or advice if it must be deleted. Size and quality are not always as desired due to the rarety of the subject.

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