GENERAL ELECTRIC SIMULATOR SCHOOL - Center for Advanced Airmanship

General Electric opened a USD 12-million as Centre for Advanced Airmanship aimed specifically to Northrop F-5 piots in February 1986, located in a complex near to Williams AFB, Reno
the 425th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron.

No customer had signed up at the moment of opening the structure but several Air Forces and leading aerospace companies had shwon their interes, including Aaudi Arabia.
Switzerland, Mexico, Thailand, Korea, Huwait and Tunisia.

Pilots simulator training was divided in three segments: initial, proficiency training and advanced weapons training. Activity was to be supervised by a chief-instructor having
USF command level experience in F-5 training, while instructors were high-time Northrop F-5 pilots.

USAF interest
Since 1982 the capability of the USA was not enough to provide training to the Norhrop F-5 operators world-wide.

USAF/Training Command performed between July 1986 and January 1987 an evaluation of the Center, first trainees belonging to the Royal Saudi Air Force.
The evaluation centered on the comparison of 425th Squadron and Center trained pilots. As a result of the highly positive results a contract was signed in April 1987.

No further details are known; the school's Compuscene III simulator was sold to Braziilat the beginnings of the 1990s.