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Cyprus crisis
Freedom Fighters from 151 Squadron were temporarely deployed to Cumaovassi AB and the 152th Squadron to Yenisehir AB during the Cyprus crisis, which started on 20-07-74, stopping after three days,
and from 14th till the 16th August 1974.
 They were to defend the Eastern flank of Turkey, facing Greece, operating as daylight interceptors.

The only known participation to the war is on 20-07-74 when a reconnaissance Northrop RF-5A of the 192 or 151 Filo localized a convoy of Greek ships leaving the island of Rhodos in direction Cyprus.

Shortly after the end (on 28-07-74) of the first part of the war two Northrop F-5A sof the 151 Squadron still at Cumaovassi AB on alert were scrambled to intercept 2 Greek Convair F-102, but one had to abort
the mission due to the left landing gear not retracting; the other could intercept the Greek aircrafts.  There was no confrontation and, 
after some manoeuvring, all turned back to their bases.

1994 saw again a temporary deployment of the 151 Squadron to Cumaovassi AB.


The  USAF 527th Tactical Foghter Aggressor Squadron deployed three of its Northrop F-5E from November 14th to the 19th to Eskisehir AB for the first dissimilar air combat tacticts training with the Turkish AF
in 1982. It is
not known if Northrop F-5s participated to it. A picture drawing sow an Northrop F-5 ad 1 McDonnell F-4.

Air South Tactical Weapons Meet (Best Hit)

The 192 Filo won the  taking place from the 17th till 28th July 1973 at Istrana AB (Italy) shortly after having been equipped with the reconnaissance version; it used 3 Northrop F-5A's and 3 Northrop RF-5A.

Northrop F-5A 3-346/13346 at Balikesir AB in July 1993 for an unknown exercise with Italian AF 3rd Stormo AMX and US Navy Grumman A-6 Invaders.

                                                                                        Photo: archive the Northrop F-5 Enthusiast

The 192 Filo participated was very successful, obtaining the first place, at the "Air South Tactical Weapons Meet" (Best Hit) taking place from the 17th till 28th July 1973 at Istrana AB (Italy) shortly after having
been equipped with the reconnaissance version
; it operated 3 Northrop F-5As and 3 Northrop RF-5As.

    Northrop F-5A 21193 at Istrana AB on 24-07-73              Photo: Udo Weisse                                         Northrop RF-5A 21206 at Istrana AB on 19 June 1973.   Photo: archive The Northrop F-5 Enthusiast

     Anadolu Kartali (Anatolian Eagle)

Anatolian Eagle is an air warfare training exercise similar to the US Red Flag and Map Flag held in USA and Canada. It takes place from Konya AB (Central Anatolia) several times each year over the vast Konyatraining
international participation is only once a year; USAF, Israelian, German, United Arab Emirates, Pakistani, Jordanian, Italian, French, Saudi Arabian Air Forces have participated since its beginning in June 1981.

Turkish AF Northrop F-5A-2000 have participated as aggressors since the beginning in 2001, together with McDonnell F-4s, General Dynamics F-16s and surface-to-air missiles units. They complete air-to-ground
air-to-air missions, measuring against foreign General Dynamics F-16, Lockheed F-15C, GAMD Mirage 2000, Eurofighters, Tornados.

Northrop F-5A-2000 with underfuselage rocket-pod at Konya in October 2008.                                                 The first Canadair NF-5B built, modified to -2000 standard. serial 4001 at Konya in
                                                                                      Photos: archive the Northrop F-5 Enthusiast  
         September 2008; of note the different nose camouflage to the NF-5A-2000.

                                                                                Photo: MD Tabak
                                                    Northrop F-5A 9151 with the 100 years aviation in Turkey above air intakes at Konya in June 2011

                                                                          frame 1
                                                              Inscription above left side air intake/100 years/2011    Inscription above air inlet
                                                              aviation in Turkey-right side air intake

  Seventeen Canadair NF-5A-2000 and six NF-5B-200 were noted with the Squadron at Konya AB on 19-06-12 out of a total of 24 on strength. Only some of them
  participated to the exercise; this was their last participation.

                                            Photo: archive the Northrop F-5 Enthusiast
                                                                       Line-up of F-5A-2000/F-5B-2000 present at Konya in June 2012.

                                                                                 Photo: Chris.metcalfe
                                             Take-off of Northrop F-5A serial 64-13339
, in June 2012, on its last participation to Anatolian Eagle excercise

Deployments abroad (except Turkish Stars/134 Squadron) / Squadron exchanges

Freedom Fighters made their appearance several times abroad: Italy and The Netherlands were the preferred countries; additional countries visted were Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The Netherlands

The first known visit was to Deelen AB in 1973. Unfortunately no further deails are known.

                                                                                        Northrop F-5B 10593 at Deelen in 1973

A Squadron exchange with the R. Netherlands AF's 314 Squadron took place at Eindhoven AB by 3 Northrop F-5A and 3 F-5B of the 5AJÜ in August 1986; outward transfer was via Cigli AB, Brindisi,
Cameri AB, France, the return again via France and Italy. One Northrop F-5B made a pre-exchange visit on 16/17-06-86.

Two F-5B visited Volkel AB (Netherlands) to participate to the show on June 30th and July 01 1995.

Twenthe AB was visited in 1987 by 1 Northrop F-5B, no further deails are known

Eindhoven AB was the next destination on 06-08-88 of 2 Northrop F-5A and 2 F-5B belonging to the 152 Filo, in an exchange the next  with the Dutch 314 Squadron.

A Squadron rotation by the 151 Filo with the Netherland's 314 Squadron took place at Leeuwarden AB with 6 Northrop F-5A and 2 F-5B between the 5th and the 7th July 1989. Two Northrop F-5B came
for a pre-visit to Gilze Rien AB on 22-05-89.


Camouflaged Northrop F-5A 5-373/13373 and ex USAF F-5B 3-033/11033 still in metallic colours, both with underwing tanks landing on arrival at Leeuwarden on 05-07-89.      Photo: Pieter Taris

Gilze-Rijen AB was visited by four 152 Filo Northrop F-5A togeher with two F-5B (loaned from the 3 AJÜ) from the 4th till the 11th September 1989.

One Northrop F-5A, two F-5B of the 152 Filo made a base visit at Volkel in order to participate to the open day on June 30th and July 01 1995.

The airshow at Twenthe AB welcomed after rather a long pause two Canadair NF-5B on 20-06-03.

Leeuwarden AB was visited again 17-08-06, this time by one Canadair NF-5B-2000


Deployment to Italian Air Bases Istrana and Cameri took place several times; details are unfortunately sketchy.

The 152 Sqn was the first to participate to several trips to Italy: first known Squadron exchange took place in 1976 with Northrop F-5A and F-5B, no further deails are known, followed by at least 2 Northrop F-5B
to Cameri AB in May 1989

Cameri AB was also visited by Northrop F-5As and Northrop F-5Bs of the xxx Filo in September 1991, no further deails are known.

                                                                                   Photo: archive The Northrop F-5 Enthusiast

                                                                 Northrop F-5B 8-278/21278 at Cameri AB in September 1991.

Another Squadron exchange took place between July 5th and 14th 1993 when 3 single- and 2 two-seaters of the 5 AJÜ went to Istrana AB and 3 Italian AF Fiat/Lockheed F-104S/ASA of the 22nd Squadron
visited Merzifon.

            Northrop F-5A 5-567/10567 at Cameri AB in September 5th, 1993.                                                       Line-up of Northrop F-5A and F-5B on 13-07-93 during a visit to istrana AB
                                                                    Photo: archive The Northrop F-5 Enthusiast
                                                                                                                           Photo: Lucio Alfieri

                                                                                           Photo: archive the Northrop F-5 Enthusiast
Northrop F-5B 3-408/3408 loaned to the 152 Filo for the visit at Istrana AB on 05-07-93.

Pratica di Mare was visited between May 16th and 26th 2008 by 2 Canadair NF-5B-2000 of the 133 Filo.

The only known German AB visit was at Jagel AB (Schleswig) on 12-06-88 with the participation of 1 Northrop F-5B.

Talavera AB received in September 2006 visit by at least one
Canadair NF-5B-2000 of the 3 AJÜ.

United Kingdom
Canadair NF-5B-2000 of the 3 AJÜ participated to the most important UK air show at RAF Fairford on 11-17 July 2007.