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Koninklijke Luchtmacht - Royal Netherlands Air Force

   Credit:  Roundels of the world
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Acrobatic demonstration has been an important duty of the Canadair NF-5A during its service life in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Some of them were painted in special markings during the show years.

A shy beginning was the solo display of one Canadair NF-5A belonging to 316 Squadron during 1975 till 1978 without any special markings; the first official national appearance was on August 30th, 1975 at
Volkel AB; first International one was at Florennes AB (Belgium) in 1975. The International Air Tattoo at Greenham Common (UK) was also attended on 24th and 25th May 1977.

316 Squadron from Gilze-Rijen AB was the first one to field a team in 1978 for the 65th anniversary of the Royal Netherlands AF under the name "Double Dutch". It consisted of 2 Canadair NF-5A (K-3031
and K-3048) plus a reserve (K-3066) marking the first international presence at Cambrai AB (France) on 04-06-78. The exhibitions of this team lasted till mid 1979;

                            Photo: unknown
      Canadair NF-5A K-3066 1978 reserve aircraft seen at Gilze-Rijen on 04-07-78.                   Canadair NF-5A K-3031 in first "Double Dutch" markings. Note 250 lbs trial bomb underwing.
     Photo: archive The Northrop F-5 Enthusiast

From September 1979 saw 313 Squadron from Twenthe performing solo shows, alternatively with NF-5As K-3028 and K-3041, in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom;

                                                          Canadair NF-5A K-3041 showing its wing and tail colours on 27-07-80.
    Photo: R. Netherlands AF/Hans Koning

315 Squadron from Twenthe followed for the year 1980 with the same aircrafts but with new colours, unfortunately one aircraft crashed and its pilot (Hans Könings) was killed; NF-5As K-3019 and K-3024 in a
new scheme were utilised by 315 Squadron in 1981 and for most of 1982, appearing among others at the International Air Tattoo in Greenham Common on 27th and 28th June 1981;
314 Squadron
from Eindhoven was in charge from 1983, but starting its performances on 21st October 1982 at it home-base with NF-5As K-3021 and K-3026, again in a new paint scheme; the Squadron
performed the display also for the seasons 1983 to 1985 with the same aircrafts.
                               Photo: R Netherlands AF
Canadair NF-5A K-3026 seen in 1983
                Photo: archive The Northrop F-5 Enthusiast             In flight view of Canadair NF-5A K-3054 and K-3072 of the Double Dutch team 1988

A pause followed till 1988 when, on the occaion of the 75th jubilee, a new edition of the the "Double Dutch" team was established by 314 Squadron at Eindhoven with NF-5As K-3012 and K-3014, this last being later
replaced by K- 3072 due to technical problems. These aircrafts were equipped with smoke generating Sidewinders to increase the aircrafts visibility.

This was to be an unlucky year for the team. First appearance was a short display at Deelen AB on 18-05-88 with K-3012 and a "normal" aircraft due to unavailability of K-3014; international display followed at RAF
Mildenhall (UK) on 28-05-88, when the landing gear did not retract and the performance had to be interrupted; the Koksijde AB (Belgium) air-show on 28-08-88 was cancelled due to bad weather, but, worst of all, an
accident happened at Ramstein AB (Germany) when an Italian AF "Frecce Tricolore" Aermacchi MB.339 crashed into the public killing several persons. Following this, all 
"Double Dutch" activities were interrupted by
government order, even if the team had already transferred to RAF Leuchars (UK) on 16-09-88 for a performance and the
team disbanded.

Five Candair NF-5A wore the "Double Dutch" colours: K-3012, K-3014, K-3042, K-3054, K-3072, dummy AIM-9J Sidewinder in a day-glow colour (mostly without fins) emitted a white smoke, others were without