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Forša Aerea Brasileira / Brazilian Air Force

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  Santa Cruz AB -
Rio de Janeiro
  Canoas AB - Porto Alegre
  Manaus AB



   1░ Grupo de Aviašao de Caša

                             1░/1░GAvCa         2░/1░GAvCa
 Jambock        Pif-Paf

  All aircrafts were initially assigned to a pool of the 1░ Grupo de Aviašao de Caša (1st Fighter Group)
  S Cruz AB
 (RJ) equipped with Embraer EMB-326;the 2░ Esquadrao named "Pif-Paf" (2nd Squadron) started
  first conversion, followed by the
1░ Esquadrao named "Jambock". Pilot conversion was   taken care by 6
  Brazilian iand 1 USAF instructors on, Northrop F-5B, which had initially a low 
in-service rate due to lack of
  spare parts.

  Aircrafts remained pooled and weared the
1░/1░GAvCa badge on the left side and the 2░/1░GAvCa badge on
  the right side
of the tail.
  During 1977 the
1░GAvCa trained in a six months log course 6 Chilean pilots on the Northrop F-5 up to
  operational graduation.
  The goal of 4'000 flight hours on F-5 was reached in December 1991 aboard an Northrop F-5B.

  F-5E 4847 with low visibility
2░/1░GAvCa badge and torn sticker "100 years first flight Santos
  Dumont" taking off from Anapolis AB on 12-08-04 during Cruzex III    Photo: Eric Riester/

  With delivery of former USAF F-5F's to the
the 1░/14░GAv there was limited requirement for the first
  generation two-seaters. The remaining 2 airworthy F-5B's
(one was serial 4805) were struck of charge at
  the end of 1995 and transferred to the Parque de Material Aeronautico
(PAMA) de Sao Paulo for storage
  and resale.

  See our page for additional information about the Squadrons operation in our In-flight refuelling,Training,
  Excercises and Special colours page.

The modernised Embraer F-5EM started to reach the 1░ GAvCa on 20-10-06, when serial 4826 was accepted in a
  ceremony at Santa Cruz AB, joining the 1░/14░ GAv in the operation of this fourth generation fighter.

                   Photo: Brazilian AF
                   1░ GAvCa have no Squadron markings, here F-5EM 4848
, June 2007

2░/1░GAvCa has converted to the upgraded Embraer F-5EM, no Squadron badges have been seen painted on its aircrafts till present.
  See page Upgrades for information of upgrading details.
  The Squadron has three flights (blue, Green and Red) and takes care of air defence, attack and interdiction
. Some Embraer AT-27 Tucanos are   also used by the Esquadrao for liason duties. It was the first unit that received in May 2005 Mectron Piranha third genertion air-to-air missiles
  14░ Grupo de Aviašao

  1░ Esquadrao/14░ Grupo de Aviašao "Pampa"

   1)      2)          3) 
1) Coloured badge applied on SEA camouflaged aircrafts; 2) badge painted on air intake, left hand side, of
    grey low visibility Tigers; 3) badge painted on green/green camouflaged F-5EM.

   Lined-up tails of F-5E in original camouflage.

  Having Completed training of pilots and ground technicians for S. Cruz AB based Esquadraos manpower was
  now available for the third Esquadrao. This was to be the 1░/14░ Grupo de Aviašao de Caša based at Canoas
  AB (Porto Alegre), whose Lockheed TF-33A, armed version of the trainer, had been retired in 1975. Some
  pilots and ground crew started conversion on their future equipment in May 1975, but the go ahead for the
  actual conversion was only given in 1976. On 26-11-76 12 F-5Es arrived at Canoas AB after an 1 hour 10
  minutes non-stop flight from Santa Cruz AB. One F-5B (serial 4805) was also taken on charge.

  End of 1988 saw the arrival of former USAF Northrop F-5E at Canoas AB, ferried from Nellis AFB by 1░/14░
  GAv pilots, re-equipment completed by January 1990. These aircrafts had several differences in instrumentation
  to those of the first batch and no in-flight refuelling provision. It was therefore decided to fully re-equip the unit
  only with the "new" aircrafts and change its role from multi- to an air-defence role
, keeping their original "aggressor"
till overhaul.
  They entered service with the Esquadrao only after having gone through a revitalization process at Parque de
  Material Aeronautico de Sao Paulo (PAMA-Sao Paulo), thereafter the "old" ones were returned to Santa Cruz

  See our page for additional information about the Squadron operation in our In-flight refuelling, Training,
  Excercises and Special colours page.

  On 15-07-94 the Squadron reached the mark of 100'000 flying hours
since its establishment, having used
  Curtis P-40, Gloster Meteor Mk.8 and Meteor Mk.7, Lockheed TF-33, Northrop F-5E and F-5F, Embraer
  AT-27 Tucano .

  "Cruzeiro do Sul" emblem painted on top of the tail since 08-81. The
  central, smaller star has been repainted in yellow since 15-07-94,
100'000 hours flown by the Squadron since it formation.

The Esquadrao acted as a conversion training and Operation Conversion Unit at the end of 1966, when the last two active Northrop F-5B were struck of charge.

  F-5E 4827 of the  1░/14░ GAv
  with  SEA camouflage, last two
  of serial on tail, blue tail band
  with 5 white stars. May 1986

  Photo: Archive The Northrop F-5                     Enthusiast

 F-5E 4868 still in USAF aggressor colours and with CO code. Natal 24-10-95 
Photo: Peter R. Foster

      Photo: FA Brasileira
cockpit painted on the single-seater, second series.

  F-5F 4806 taking
on 25-06-06
  from Florianopolis.

  On tail commemo-
  tion sticker for
00 years since
  the first flight in
  Brazil by Santos

Juliano Damasio

1░/14░ GAv was chosen to introduce the by Embraer upgraded F-5EM and received 
officially its first
  aircraft, serial 4855, on 12-09-05 at Canoas AB starting a new and decisive stage of its, and of the Brazilian
  AF, operational life.
  It performs its duties of  interception, combat air patrol and air escort on the new aircraft. Foreseen Squadron strength is 16 aircrafts.

  Tail emblem on Embraer F-5EM.
  Modified tail emblem seen at Canoas AB on 28-05-09   

                 F-5EM 4875 at Santa Cruz AB on 22-04-07, note underwing pylons for Python 3 missiles
Guilherme Bystronsky/

  The 1░/14░ was chosen to send 4 F-5EM to Nellis AFB to represent the Brazilian AF at Red Flag 08-03,
  supported by Boeing KC.707 2404, between 21-07-08 and 02-08-08. The transfer was accomplished from
  Canoas to Boa Vista via Anapolis (Brazil) to Barranquilla (Colombia) and to Merida (Mexico) as a last stage
  point, starting on 12-07-08 and arriving on 16-07-08.

  See our
Upgrades page for additional information.

  The unit took part to air-defence of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in August 2016 with their aircrafts flying from S Cruz AB.

  Some Embraer AT-27 Tucanos are also used for liason purposes.


  1░ Esquadrao/4░ Grupo de Aviašao  "Pacau"

  Due to increasing tension and armament by Colombia and Venezuela and the increased activities of
  narcotrafic in the North of Brazil this
Natal AB Esquadrao based unit, formerly part of the Centro de
  Treinamento e Recumpletamento de Tripulašoes (CATRE) with EMB-326
/AT-26 (retired on 03-12-10), with
  Embraer/Northrop F-5EM, becoming an operational unit reformed on 15-12-10 It was relocated to Manaus AB.
  First six Tigers, two from 1░/14░ GAV and four from 1░GAVC,
were delivered from Santa Cruz AB already on

  First operation in anger was the destruction of a clandestine airstrip near the Colombian border, operated
  by drug smugglers, by 4 Embraer/Northrop F-5EM. These were provisonally based at Sao Gabriel da
  Cachoeira airport. It has been reported that the Manaus AB runway is too short limiting the take-off weight,
  but was prolongued by 500 meters.
  The unit has four flights, for air defence and air superiority under the control of the III Air Force, maintaining
  a 24 hours/7 days quick reaction force.

  Two Embraer/Northrop F-5EM, armed with Python IV were transferred to Santa Cruz AB from
  04th August (shortly before Olympic Games start) till 09th August 2016 (after end of the Games).

                        Photo: FA Brasileira
Embraer/Northrop F-5EM 4865 flies over the Olympic area during an interception excercise in July 2016.

At the beginning of Oktober 2016 the two Pyton IV missile-armed Embraer/Northrop F-5EM were again transferred
(after 09.08.16, end of the
Olympic Games)
to Manaus AB in order to check the increased activity by Sukhoi Su-30 on the Venezuela/Brazilian border. This was might due to the impeachment procedure of the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, opposed by the Venezuelan government.

         1░ Grupo de Defesa Aerea "Jaguar"
  The Embraer/Northrop F-5EM was chosen provisonnaly to replace the GAMD Mirage 2000 (C2000 Brazilian denomination, retired in December       2013) flying from Anapolis AB.
  Pilots received their conversion training on 
Embraer/Northrop F-5FM starting April 4th, 2016 at Anapolis. The course lasted one year and
  trained interception, air-combat, instrument navigation and on simulator.
  Six Embraer/Northrop F-5EM and one
Embraer/Northrop F-5EM realised their first cannon training against airtargets at Santa Cruz AB end of
  September 2016 for 12 days, maintenance being assured by the 1░ Grupo de Aviašao de Caša; they returned to their home base in flight.

     Photo: FA Brasileira
            A very clean Embraer/Northrop F-5EM 4873 seen at Anapolis AB on 25-10-16.

  2░ Esquadrao/14░ Grupo de Aviašao

  Consideration was given to establish a reconnaissance Esquadrao by the adaption of the frist 12 F-5E to RF-5E
  standards with six (some sources state four) noses originally bought in 1976, used for a short time and later kept
  in storage in order to maintain the fighter force, but this plan had no follow-up.
  The reconnaissance nose was used only once in a course in April 1976.

Photo: Clube do F-5
 This is one of the few known photos of Brazilian F-5Es with a reconnaissance nose.

     Parque de Material Aeronautico de Sao Paulo / PAMA - SP 


  Based at Campo Grande AB this is a maintai-
  nance unit. It takes care of all major over-
  hauls of Brazilian F-5s and prepares the
  airframes for upgrade to F-5EM/F by

  Photo: unknown



          Normal and towned down Dimenšao 22 organisation

By February 2017 all Air Bases, under order of which the Tigers operated, were 
disestablished according to the new
military organisation:  Dimenšao 2022.
New Alas (Wings) were formed operatings several different units; the Tigers remained with the original units and based
at its original home base.

Ala  2 -  obtained the 1░ GDA at Anapolis and is to be re-equipped with Saab J-29 Gripen NG (renaming Grupo Fox). First aircraft arrival is foreseen 2021.
             Part of the Ala is the 2░/6░ Grupo de Aviašao flying Embraer E-99 (EMB-145) ECM aircrafts.

Ala  3 (activated 16-12-16) -  obtained the 1░/14░ GAv at Canoas to the together with 5░ ETA flying Bandeirante and 2░/7░ with EMB111PM Banderuilas.

Ala  8 (last, activated on 02-02-17)  - obtained the 1░/4░ GAv at Manaus.
          Is entrusted with the defence of the wide Amazonas territories together with the Hawks helicopter of the 7░/8░ GAV, the CASA-235 of

          1║/9║ GAV, the
C-97 BrasÝlia and Cessna 208 of the 7░ ETA.

Ala 12 (activated 08-02-17), - obtained the 1░ GAvCa at Santa Cruz, together with 1░/7░ GAV with Lockheed P-3AM Orions for ASW,
       3░ ETA with Embraer C-95M Bandeirante for liaison and the 3░/8░ GAV with H-36/EC 725
Caracal helicopters for SAR/CSAR