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Forša Aerea Brasileira / Brazilian Air Force

    Last update 10-10-2012


All aircrafts of the first batch were painted in a South East Asia scheme, apart from some (inclusive serial 4834) which were experimentally painted in a light gray colour while serving wth the 1░/14░ GAv in 1988; aircrafts of the second batch kept their original colours until due for heavy duty maintenance at PAMA S. Paulo, where they were painted in a light gray colour. No special colours were allowed.

A change in directives allowed the painting in 2004 of serial 4841 in a scheme to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 1░ Esquadrao/1░ Grupo da Aviašao de Caša and, later, of some other aircrafts.

F-5E 4841, in
   front of the
   Zeppelin hangar,
   painted in  "60
   a˝os Senta a
   Pua" colours with
 Python and
   Piranha missiles.

   April 2004.

     Photo: R. Vaz Carneiro

Additional special paintings were F-5E 4846 shown below and F-5E 4858 shown at the entrance of the site.

                  F-5E 4846 special "Tiger 30 years" colours on 01-09-05 at Salvador
amidst tropical vegetation.
                                                                                  Photo: Juliano Damasio - AIR

 Photo Forša Aerea Brasileira
Underfuselage cockpit painted on the single-seater, second series.